24 July 2015

Currently on Tap @ Arena Bar & Grill

Draft Beer Selection: 7/24/15

Seasonal & Specialty Beer
Sam Adams Summer Ale
Blue Moon White IPA
Otter Creek Fresh Slice
Shiner Prickly Pear
Leinenkugal Summer Shandy
Breckenridge Summer

Ciders & Shandy
Woodchuck Cider
Johnny Appleseed
Stella Cidre
Original Sin Elderberry Cider

Wheat (wit)
Blue Moon White Ale
Seadog Blueberry
Dark Horse Raspberry
Paulner Hefe-Weizen
Cigar City Floridacracker
Brew Bus "Are We There Yet?"
Shock Top Belgium White

Lagers, Pilsners & Ales
Stella Artois
Stone Arrogant Bastard
Landshark Lager
Rougue Dead Guy
Labatt Blue

Porters, Stouts & Browns
Well's Banana Nut Bread
Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus
New Holland Poet
Duclaw Guilty Filthy Soul

Tommyknocker Pick Axe IPA
New Holland White Hatter
Green Flash Mosiac IPA
Founders Centennial IPA
Saucony Creek Stonefly IPA
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA
Star Hill Grateful Pale Ale

Coors Light
Miller Lite
Bud Light

Super Premium Drafts
Chimay White
Timmermans Strawberry Lambic
Delerium Red
La Trappe Triple
Lindemans Framboise
Brewdog Punk IPA
Affligem Blonde
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Anonymous said...

LOL! Coming soon : Pennichuck Backdraft and Chief's IPA. That brewery went out of business months ago. Looks like Shangy's is unloading their old product again.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.